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7 BEST Reasons Why You Should Visit Northern Italy


Are you looking to travel to the beautiful country of Italy? Try going to the North of the country! Most people tend to visit famous cities like Rome, Florence, Venice and areas like Tuscany while missing out on the plethora of things that Northern Italy has to offer. Our Alpine hotel is located in this gorgeous region of Italy, and we agree that the North is often overlooked and overshadowed by these well-known destinations. The South is characterised by its warm, Mediterranean-like culture while the North is surrounded by the Alpine borders of Switzerland, France and Austria. So, though it is still very Italian, there are a number of unique customs and culture that you won’t find anywhere else. Read below for our top reasons why you should visit Northern Italy.

Breathtaking Lakes

The lakes in Northern Italy are beautiful on another level - with celebrities buying their villas beside its pristine waters, it is a scenic destination to travel to. Just imagine the backdrop of snow-covered peaks and evergreen forests, the lakes of Northern Italy are sure to dazzle you. In the largest province of the North, Lombardy’s lakes are an iconic destination for many tourists - here, you will find the Four Largest LakesLake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Iseo. Each of these lakes has its own fun activities and exciting excursions for any tourist to enjoy. Due to the abundance of fish in lakes and rivers, one event you can try doing is Fishing in Northern Italy, which offers the opportunity to catch alpine fish while having the gorgeous backdrop of the Italian AlpsNot only that, but the villages surrounding the lakes also add to the variety of towns you can see with each their own distinct personality.

Majestic Alps

Probably the most characteristic feature about Northern Italy - the Alps. The Alpine mountain range embrace the Northern border of the country,separating Italy from countries like Austria, Switzerland and France. Formed millions of years ago, with the collision of the Eurasian and African plate, the Alps are an iconic symbol of all things mountains and mountain culture. You could find the most unique Alpine Flowers and Alpine animals thriving in the cooler, and higher altitude conditions of the Alps, seeing plants like edelweiss, rhododendrons and glacial buttercups growing.

Endless Activities

There is a wide variety of Things to Do in Northern Italy, so much that you might not be able to do everything! Examples include Porcini Mushroom PickingCycling, Hiking, Skiing; Summer Sports like Paragliding, Canyoning and even more. You will be spoilt for choice, considering that there is so many holiday excursions that can be done there. Bring friends and family to join the exciting activities and you will have the perfect holiday.


Delicious Cuisine

Yes, Italian food is delicious, but it is more than just the usual spaghetti carbonara, lasagne or Margherita pizza. Northern Italy has its own unique cuisine, have you heard of Valtellina Dishes? Like Pizzoccheri and Sciatt? These dishes have the individual ingredients of buckwheat flour and the native casera cheese (in which we make and serve in our Alpine Restaurant). Northern Italy is also where the ancient dish ‘Polenta was thought to be invented. In other areas of Italy, the Veneto area has a unique recipe called ‘Risotto al Neri di Seppi’ which is a type of risotto coloured with the ink of the cuttlefish, giving its signature ‘black’ colour. Another unique dish includes include ‘Bresaola’ in Lombardy which are pieces of cured ham, and lastly, hearty soups and fondues influenced by Alpine culture.

Range of Cheeses

Who loves cheese more than the Italians? Pecorino, mozzarella, ricotta, Parmigiano Reggiano, etc. - there is an endless list of cheeses made in Italy. Some of the most unique Alpine Cheeses are made in Northern Italy, and many of them are protected. Cheeses like ‘Bitto Storico’ can be aged up to 18 years, which makes it one of the ‘Oldest Edible Cheeses’ in the world! Other examples include gorgonzola, which is a type of blue cheese that was ‘accidentally’ made according to folk stories.

Quality Wines

Wine! Another thing the Italians are famous for. Did you know, Italians drink approximately about 2.2 billion litres of wine every year? That is a hefty amount to quantify in your head. Wines from Northern Italy are incredibly famous, especially when Piemonte’s vineyards are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is likely due to the perfect, nutrient-rich soil and climate the grapes grow on. The Italian Government strictly protects the wines that they have their own classification levels for different types of wines, read ‘The 4 Best Wines You Should Try from Lombardy to find out some of the best wines you can find in Northern Italy. 

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Italy is full of UNESCO World Heritage sites! About 51 to be exact - illustrating how amazingly full of history and culture the country is. Northern Italy is home to around 19 of them, giving you a list of things to see when you travel there. One of the most notable sites are the rock drawings of Val Camonica, which are carvings found in caves made by ancient, prehistoric people. More places you should consider seeing are the Dolomites, which are listed due to the breathtaking natural beauty of its mountains. Our last example is the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting of the last supper found in Milan! 

These are just a few of the reasons why you should visit Northern Italy! But if you do decide to travel here, why don’t you stay at Albergo Miramonti? In here, you can visit our Italian Restaurant to try out local Northern Italian food, and after you can relax in our Hotel Spa or Cigar Lounge.

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