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Miramonti Corteno


3 Reasons Why You Should Try E-Biking in the Italian Alps


Cycling up steep hills and mountains is exhausting, making it discouraging to go on a full Alpine Mountain Bike trip in the Italian Alps. This is where e-cycling comes in. An innovative and functional solution, e-bikes give you that extra strength to power through the uphill nature of the alpine mountains. Nearby our Alpine hotel, in the town of Aprica, there are many year-around activities which include the opportunity to e-bike around the alps. It is truly one of the most delightful and gratifying endeavours that you could ever experience – imagine feeling the fresh Alpine air on your face and seeing the scenic views of the Alpine valleys. Not only have e-bikes made it easier to cycle through the mountains, but it has also changed the face of the sport – making it a more comfortable experience.


E-Biking is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which helps to increase the pedalling power of the user. This lifts the weight off, helping to pushing against steep slopes and provides enhanced comfort for the cyclist. E-Bikes can accelerate up to 25km per hour, which requires less energy to pedal compared to manual pedalling.  E-Bikes are adjustable, allowing you to choose what level of assistance you need – especially when you want that extra bit of horsepower.


Source:  E-Bike Aprica


The Alps, as many of you know, are made up of tall mountain ranges – making it tremendously challenging to gather enough energy to charge through the uphill slopes. Even if you do decide to cycle with a traditional bicycle, you would lose too much strength to go on a long-distance trip. Unless of course you are a professional cyclist with an exceptionally fit body and strong thighs. However in reality, many of us would need that extra assistance. The reason for this is because the rate of deceleration is greater when cycling uphill, all thanks to the power of gravity.

With an e-bike, receiving that extra power just takes a click of a button on your control panel. Within a few seconds, you can be pedalling between 18-25km per hour! For many professional cyclists, this is the sort of speed they cycle when climbing the Alps, therefore, you will truly feel like a master cyclist once you are riding an e-bike.


Source:  E-Bike Aprica


When riding uphill on a traditional bicycle, you will have to focus on overcoming that steep hill; completely forgetting the magnificence of the Alpine Mountains that are right in front of you. Since the e-bike provides you with greater ease, it will allow you to overlook the difficulty of defying gravity and give you enough space to revel at the scenic beauty that the alpine mountain range has to offer. You will feel an enhanced sense of enjoyment and appreciation of the natural landscape.

The Italian Alps is a gorgeous spectacle, it is filled with rare flora, fauna and pristine Italian Lakes. Not only is it full of breathtaking scenery, but you can do many activities such as Porcini Mushroom Picking, Hiking in the Italian Alps or even stop by a nearby restaurant to try Valtellina Cuisine.




Riding a traditional bicycle is immensely draining – even if you do venture into the mountains manually – you could only go so far. After a while, you will get weary and fatigued from charging through the steep slopes. However, with the assistance of an e-bike, you will retain a lot of your energy and will be prepared to ride for longer distances in the Italian Alps. By extending your journey, you have the ability to discover more magnificent landscapes than you’d never thought you would be able to reach.




With just a 14-minute drive from our Alpine Hotel, you can get to Aprica - a town in the Province of Sondrio - where you can try e-biking in the mountains. It is a very popular Summer Activity in the Alps, so bring your friends or family and take an e-biking day trip in the mountains.

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