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The Alps are Important – Why Protect it


Formed after millions of years, the Alps have served various European countries for many purposes that have defined their culture, customs, entertainment and history. Our Alpine hotel is situated in one of the many alpine valleys, where many locals and tourists enjoy the view and the plethora of exciting activities that can be done in the Alps. It is one of the most naturally-gifted spectacles in the world - with the most breathtaking views and diverse flora and fauna that thrive in the Alps. But due to the threat of climate change, melting glaciers and increasing industrialisation, it is important to protect Alpine culture and its nature - there is a reason why the WWF issued a European Alpine Programme to protect the mountains. Here are the top reasons why the Alps is important and why we should protect it.

“Protecting Traditions & Culture”

The mountain range runs 1,200 km across 8 countries including Italy, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Monaco and Liechtenstein - making these Alpine villages rich in culture. Each of these countries have their own individual cultures - relying and living off the natural abundance that the Alps have to offer. Alpine traditions such as cheesemaking, cultivating wines and herding animals were developed here. However, due to the increase of urbanisation, many young people are flocking to the cities to get jobs - decreasing the number of inhabitants over time. By increasing tourism and appreciation to these places, jobs can be created to support the tourist industry and increase awareness of the Alps.



The Alps are full of history - just look at the UNESCO heritage ‘Rock Carvings’ of Val Camonica, for thousands and thousands of years - dating back even to the Neolithic age, humans have settled beside the mountains. Throughout history, the Romans invaded villages, armies have crossed the Alps to fight World Wars, the Golden age of Alpinism and even Political Treaties have been declared. To protect the History, more people all over the world should be made aware of its richness in history and encourage tourism to fund for the Alps.

“Potential for green and renewable energy”

The Alps are known to be abundant in the natural resource of ‘water’ and therefore create a great alternative to fossil fuels. Did you know all 8,074 municipalities of Italy have deployed some source of renewable energy. For the alpine municipalities, it is likely from hydroelectric energy. This is a great way to reduce the impact of climate change that is currently threatening the Alps right at this moment.


The Alps is the perfect place to participate in winter sports - the thick snow, beautiful landscapes and its widespread mountain range has led to various Olympic venues set in the Alps. Some examples are the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and 1968 in Grenoble. Furthermore, many championships like the Ski World Cup and Snow Polo championships are set in the Alps. You do not even have to be a professional skier to try out Winter Sports, there are various resorts that allow you try it out!


In the French Alps, scientists have discovered a newly formed lake in the Alps - an alarming image demonstrating the reality of climate change. Climate change will cause extreme weather events, reduced snow, increased droughts, the retreat of glaciers and thawing of permafrost. All these events can negatively impact the safety of locals and tourists, uneven seasonal cycles affecting agriculture and affecting the flora and fauna.

With climate change being an important subject all over the world - it is important to touch upon the reasons why we should protect the Alps especially from Climate change or other issues like urbanisation.

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