Miramonti Corteno
Miramonti Corteno




The village of Corteno Golgi sits about 925 metres above sea level, and it is beautifully located at 30min drive from the Swiss border and 45min drive from the resort of St. Moritz, Switzerland. Winter activities include Skiing, Ice Skating, Ice Climbing (among many others) while Spring and Summer lend themselves to beautiful hikes over the surrounding mountains, mushroom picking and fly fishing.


San Martino

Built over the spoils of a Pagan Temple of The Sun, this XI century church is located on a hilltop and it offers breathtaking views of Mount Adamello. The site oozes with history as it was - over the course of history - a Pagan Temple, a Carolingian Castle, a Roman Church, a Lazaret during the Plague and finally a refuge for partisans during the second world war. Definitely worth a visit as it is conveniently located five minutes away from our hotel.


Val Brandet

One of the two jewels in the crown. Val Brandet is an enchanted valley of glacial formation that stretches south west of Corteno Golgi. It takes its name from the Brandet Torrent which is a generous source of Wild Trouts and an ideal spot for Fly Fishing. The valley is part of the S. Antonio Natural Reserve and its local fauna includes: Deers Chamois, Marmots and Eagles. Val Brandet can be reached by a 45 minutes hike from the shuttle drop-off point in S. Antonio.



The other valley of the S. Antonio Natural Reserve, Campovecchio is equally spectacular and breathtaking. Historically more inhabited than its neighbouring Val Brandet, it embodies the true spirit of the mountains. Perfect starting point for excursions on Mount Telenek (2754m.) it is the ultimate picnic spot with many fireplaces and BBQ spots scattered along its green pastures. Campovecchio can be reached by a 45 hike from the hotel shuttle drop-off point.


Aprica Ski Resort

Aprica is the name of the nearest ski resort to our hotel. Hop onto one of our 4 daily shuttles to the start of the slopes and in just 5 minutes you will have ski on your feet! With 20 lifts, 6 chair lifts and 12 surface lifts, Aprica offers both beginners and advanced skiers 40 kilometres of pistes. The bottom lift starts at 1200m and the top lift sits at 2270m meaning a 1070m of vertical drop. Two morning and two afternoon shuttles leave our hotel each day, giving you a stress free experience. Ski and Snowboarding gear can be rented onsite.


St Moritz

Enough has been said and written about St. Moritz so that any attempt of ours to describe it would be a little redundant. What's interesting however is that the famous Bernina Express, the scenic train that starts in Tirano and ends in St. Moritz, can easily be reached by a half hour drive from our hotel. Transportation to and from the station of Tirano can easily be arranged upon arrival.