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4 Things to Do: Summer Activities in the Italian Alps


Summer is here, and what better way to spend it in the Italian Alps. Most people think that a holiday getaway the alps tends to be more about skiing and hiking particularly in Winter, but actually, there is a assortment of outdoor activities you can do as the months get warmer and warmer in this beautiful region of Italy - maybe many of which you did not realise you could do.


The Italian Alps is the perfect place to go hiking - the lush, green scenery and the crystal clear streams and lakes, the unique terrain - is a beautiful combination of nature’s beauty. If you are looking for scenic places to hike in Corteno Golgi, check out our blog post The Top Hiking Spots in the Italian Alps. Hiking up mountains is a great way to enjoy a mindful experience while experiencing the spectacular views of the Italian Alps. In today’s world, you do not have much opportunity to step away from the fluorescent and LED lights of technology, but when you hike, you get to connect back to nature while also keeping fit and healthy. Hiking in the Italian Alps is special; there are a wide range of flora and fauna to explore such as local wildlife and rare flowers to spot, making summer an excellent time to go hiking. After a day of hiking, you can come to our Hotel Spa to relax your body so you can prepare for more outdoor events in the Italian Alps the next day.


Whether you are a newbie or a professional at the sport of fishing, it is one of the most exciting, anticipating and challenging activities you can do in the Italian summertime. The northern region of Italy is home to many beautiful and natural lakes, and within the lakes - many different types of fish you can catch such as trout. The art of fly fishing is about disguising your bait as a flying insect, and nudging the fish below to ‘fly’ and catch the bait. It is a thrilling experience that also requires a great amount of patience.

There are lakes such as Lake Picol and Lake Aviolo which offer striking views of the scenery, and great fishing spots to catch fish. It is an exciting retreat and activity, for novices and experienced fishers.


Foraging mushrooms is a unique and popular activity in the northern region of Italy. Porcini mushrooms, an ingredient found in many pasta and risotto recipes, grows plenty especially in the surrounding areas of our Alpine hotel.

Porcini mushrooms are one of the most highly-priced mushrooms in the world as they are very difficult to cultivate, but if you take a break in the Italian Alps, you can easily find these delicacies. Best time to come forage these mushrooms are from July to the end of September - a great summer activity in the Italian countryside.

Many foragers gather in these mushroom-rich areas to get their hands on these delicious mushrooms - but not only Porcini - there are many different types of mushrooms to be fascinated by! As long as you know which ones are edible and which ones are poisonous of course.


Another active, outdoor activity is cycling! Just imagine cycling along the clear waters, abundant forests and beside the beautiful wildlife in the Italian Alps. There are opportunities to rent an E-Bike in areas such as the Aprica area, where you get to view panoramic views while cycling within a tour group. The summer is a great time to go due to the alps’ natural beauty and to ensure the maximum amount of sunshine and minimal amounts of rain - and remember to make sure to bring lots of water to keep yourself hydrated, and even bring friends or family to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Renting a bike allows you to travel through the gorgeous landscapes - and depending on the route - could be extra thrilling and exciting. But if you prefer to have casual rides among the forestry, there are opportunities for that also. You can get to scenic destinations quicker if hiking is too slow of a route for you to take.

We hope that these ideas for summer activities in the Italian Alps is very helpful for you! And maybe you can fit all of these in your future summer holiday itinerary. For more blog posts about Alpine holidays, check below: