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How to take great travel pictures on your iPhone

Do you struggle to take amazing travel photos with your iPhone? Although i have a DLSR camera every time i go away on holiday its just something else to carry that doesn’t usually fit in my luggage. This is probably something you will also face when you come and visit us in our boutique hotel. I also always face the fear that i am going to lose my expensive camera…. so i end up just taking my phone with me. In this blog i am going to share with you some of my top tips to get those stunning iPhone travel photography so that on your next trip you will come out with amazing photos that will have everyone in awe. Hopefully this guide helps you on your trip to our hotel in the alps.

Document your travels from the start

As cliche as it may sound to take those typical plane shots. it all adds to your experience and would be a shame not to photograph it.

The journey is an essential part of the traveling experience.I always start by photographing the journey there. I somehow always end up sitting on the other side of the plane and miss all those beautiful sunset shots. And who doesn’t like looking at beautiful plane shots?

When you on you are flying above the clouds, heading off to new adventures, take some time to document the moment. Take some pictures on your way to our Alpine Hotel. I am sure they will be a valuable possession when you look back at them years after your experience at Albergo Miramonti.

You can also get creative and take shots of the airport, train, or car windows. You never know the shot you take may end up looking incredible. MAke sure to keep that in mind though; next time you’re traveling, take photos on the way to your destination.

This will complete the story of your travels!


Avoid cliche pictures + pay attention to detail

Do you want to create unique travel photography?

Most destinations have been photographed repeatedly by tourists. And this often results in a mountain of the same photos. In Milan people often take pictures of the front of the Duomo but people miss the beauty of the back and forget to look at the beautiful details around it.

But how do you take original shots?

Start by promising yourself that you won’t take many of these touristy shots. Then, in the days leading up to your trip, research your destination online. See what photos have been taken by others. Try to get as creative as possible and attempt something new. You can start by looking on Instagram at the geotag in the same location and save the pictures into a folder called ‘Holiday inspo’. This is something i always do before i go on holiday. and it allows me to gather inspiration as well as let me know exactly where to go to get the best shots.

Turn on HDR for perfect exposed photos

I think a lot of people underestimate the power of turning on HDR on their phones.

Let’s just begin by explaining what exposure is,. Basically, exposure is the level of brightness on a photo. When a photo is too bright or too dark it will lack detail. Essentially meaning that the whites in photo will get washed out and the black will become muddy. We certainly do not want that from our holiday pictures

HDR is especially useful for travel photography and this is because you will often have to take shots with difficult lighting situations. When HDR is active, you can avoid overly bright skies and take memorising sunset pictures of the mountains in the Italian Alps like a pro. That’s no joke; it’s true.

Although you should also keep the option of normal photos active so it saves a normal version of the photos you took. That way you can easily see what your shot would look like, with and without the HDR on.

Quick Tip: You can also use the portrait mode on iPhone to capture details by blurring the background which is perfect for some of those insta shots…You’re welcome!



Photograph Architecture 

Italy has so much culture that you do not want to regret not capturing. The buildings are beautiful and unlike you have ever seen before. When photographing the beautiful Corteno Golgi though, you manage to capture a piece of its culture.

Especially our Boutique Hotel, it has recently been refurnished and turned into the an interior design dream that will be easy to photograph. You can take a look at our Hotel Photo Gallery to take a glimpse of how stunning the rooms, halls, and surroundings actually are.

Are you a fan of symmetry and proportions in photography? Then this trip is the one for you!

You will have no trouble with taking symmetrical shots in Corteno Golgi. Since the moment of your arrival, take some time to look at patterns in the buildings that surround the hotel not to mention how pleasantly surprised you will be by the minimalist interior design.

Shoot from a high vantage point

Whether you are visiting us in the summer or in the winter, you will have plenty of opportunities to take shots of the beautiful mountains.

In one of our recent blogposts, Top hiking spots in the Italian Alps, we talk in detail about the surroundings of the Corteno Golgi, where you will undoubtedly be able to take these beautiful picturesque photos of the mountains, lakes and the famous ski resort St. Moritz.

What we usually do for these type of pictures? Well we use our phones pano mode option to create beautiful panoramic shots. This guarantees to take breathtaking shots that even talented photographers will be jealous of.

Make sure you have the best editing Apps

Last but not least, ensuring you have the best editing apps is essential when you are travelling and taking travel photography. In short, if we were to recommend the top apps and tools to use, these would most definitely be VSCO, Snapseed and Quickshot.

In particular, Snapseed offers you the ability to get the best filtered images for holidays and allows you to ‘expand’ your photos if they do not fit in Instagram. Yes, it is that useful! However, in VSCO you are able to control the intensity of filter which gives you more grasp over the final look and feel of the image while, simultaneously, allowing you to share your beautiful shots with a talented community.

Quickshot is quite different from all of these. Have you ever had a beautiful shot you have taken but the sky looks grey and gloomy? We sure had for once! Well, Quickshot is just the right app to save the day as it gives you the opportunity to add a perfect blue sky that looks seamlessly pretty and flawless.


Before and After


We hope our tips help you on your trip to our beautifully designed boutique hotel that is guaranteed to blow your mind away with all its stylish interior and picturesque views. Make your trip there extra special by visiting our luxurious Hotel Spa treatments. Explore more about the scenerey, history, and lifestyle of Albergo Miramonti from our recent blog post.