Miramonti Corteno
Miramonti Corteno


The Top Hiking spots in the Italian Alps


Italy has to be the top destination for your holidays. Full of culture, good food, great cities, incredible people and the most beautiful nature. The mountains in particular are the sanctuary of Nature. There are two main mountain chains, the Italian Alps and the Apennines.

Albergo Miramonti is located in the Alps which has the most beautiful mountain range of the world. Even though the Alps are more famous in Switzerland and France, the Italian Alps have even more to offer you. And is only a short ride away from St Moritz the famous Ski resort. We have decided to help you in your travels are suggest some of our top hiking destinations in the Corteno Golgi or in close proximity.

Riserva Naturale Di Sant’ Antonio



Sant’Antonio Natural Reserve is situated in the extreme east of the Orobian Alps in Northern Italy. The nature reserve shelters the valleys of the Brandet and Campovecchio. Separated by a long mountain ridge the two valleys meet near the picturesque village of Sant’ Antonio. Sant’Antonio reached the peak of its development at the end of the 18th century and during the 19th century. This is the prefect hike that is only an 11 minutes drive from the hotel where you will be able to see many streams and a wide range of flora and fauna. This is the perfect location if you want to explore close by.

Source:  Si Viaggia

Source: Si Viaggia


Val Brandet


“where you’ll find the most Charming Valleys”

Val Brandet is situated in the south west of Corteno Golgi. Most famous for its Fly fishing activities and its beautiful valleys. You can also reach Lake Pìcol. All of which, have picturesque views that can be reached by a 45 minutes hike from the shuttle drop-off point in S. Antonio. With beautiful wildlife including: deers, chamois, marmots, and eagles. This destination is perfect for those who aren’t just after a hike but also want to see some beautiful wildlife.


Lago Aviolo



“enchanting lake”

Hiking in Lago Aviolo has an altitude of 1930m with beautiful scenery of Lake Aviolo and Baitone. Located in the heart of the Adamello Lombard Park. It is full of trails, which are divided into various trekking difficulties. Perfect for anyone! As soon as you arrive at the lake, you will be faced with the stunning emerald green water that matches the colour of the sky and mountains. After your hike you can simply spend time lounging and sunbathing on the shores of the enchanting lake. This beautiful hidden gem is only a 35 minute drive from our Alpine Hotel.

Source:   @fabrolly

Source: @fabrolly


Monte Guglielmo


“The most beautiful sunsets”

If you are looking for an adventure Monte Guliemo has the most beautiful sunsets. Although it is the furthest of all the options i have provided. Its a must see. You can leave your car and continue on foot, passing through the Malpensata mountain huts, Guglielmo di Sotto, Guglielmo di Sopra, to the Almici Refuge, from which, in a few minutes, you can reach the summit, where the monument is located. to the Redeemer.



  1. Start small and choose the right trail for your fitness level.

  2. Take enough water and make sure you stay hydrated .

  3. Take plenty of food to keep your energy levels up during your hike.

  4. Check the weather a couple hours before you start your hike to ensure you are taking the right things.

  5. Study a map and trail guide before you start your trail so you know exactly where you are going.

  6. Wear the right shoes!

And most importantly have fun! We hope that this guide has helped you choose the best hiking location in the Italian Alps.