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3 BEAUTIFUL Places to Go Fishing in Northern Italy


Northern Italy is great for the sport of fly fishing, its perfect, natural alpine conditions create a wonderful place for fishing enthusiasts to revel at the views of the landscape and also catch an abundance of fish. The kind of fish you would expect to catch in this region of Italy are freshwater fish, such as trouts, chars, pikes and more. What makes Northern Italy great for fishing is its plethora of natural rivers created from the Italian Alps, so fishing here is definitely something to look forward to! Not only is Northern Italy amazing for fishing but the culture and cuisine in the area is also marvellous like the unique Valtellina cuisine.

Lake Como & Sondrio

Lake Como is a place set in the foothills of the Italian Alps well-known for its dramatic scenery and its natural beauty. The lake is shaped with a Y-form, creating a unique landscape to awe at - even since the Roman times, it had always been an area for retreating into luxurious villas and relaxation. It is also a great place to do fishing, it is a common leisure activity that is done at any time of the year. There is an abundance of fish you could catch in the lake which includes trouts, graylings, zanders, pikes, and carps. In Lake Como, there are different types of waters you can fish like rivers, lakes and alpine streams. Day trips and excursions for fishing can easily be booked online or when you arrive in Lake Como. About the Lake Como Fishing site, some excursions combine the areas of Lake Como and Sondrio for different types of fishing in the region.

CHIAVENNA VALLEY - If you ever decide to go have an excursion in the Chiavenna Valley, an excursion can offer you the chance to travel by helicopter and onto the fishing grounds where you can see the gorgeous Alpine lakes at the Border of Italy and Switzerland. The Chiavenna Valley is great for Alpine Stream fishing, where you want to put your skills of agility and casting skills to use, you can travel to the Chiavenna Valley where you can catch brown trouts.

LAKE COMO / LAGO DEL PIANO - For Lake fishing, you can go to Lake Como or Lago del Piano to do dead bait or spinning on the lake to catch Pikes and Zanders while also gazing at the idyllic scenery.

VALTELLINA VALLEY - For River Fishing, the Valtellina valley has plenty of trouts and graylings while you enjoy the scenery and the locals' villages.



Trentino is surrounded by the mountainous Alps, crystal clear lakes and the beauty of its forests. The area is rich in natural spectacles such as the Dolomites, the Segonzano Pyramids, and Lake Garda - it is only logical that the fishing climate is amazing too. There are so many different fishing spots in Trentino that offer such spectacular views that can leave you speechless! From the dynamism of the streams up to the Dolomite mountains and the quieter areas of the Adige or Lake Garda. In Trentino, it is also expected that you have a fishing license so you have the permission to fish in these areas - so make sure you have one! Trentino is such a great place to fish that it has hosted Fly Fishing championships in some areas, so you are almost definite that there is a plethora of fish you can find in Trentino. Some good areas to consider are Val Di sole, Valli Giudicarie, and Valle del Chiese.

VALLE DI SOLE - is particularly rich in fish, the area is located the Brenta Dolomites, the Ortles Cevedale Mountains and the Stelvio National Park - the area is covered in 120km worth of rivers and about 20 mountain lakes for you to fish in! Some common fishes you can find here are Marble and Brown trouts, and Arctic Chars. Before fishing, you need to double-check that the particular reserve, lake or basin is open during that season. For example, we recommend the Pian Palù Lake at an elevation of 1,800 meters with picturesque landscapes is only open from May to October. Another recommendation is Le Marinolde Fly Fishing Reserve and is only open from March to September.

VALLI GIUDICARIE - The Giudicarie Valleys are another set of idyllic, scenic valleys that are abundant in natural beauty, it follows the River Sarca and the Chiese River, and is also home to Lake Idro. The Sarca River is known to be one of Trentino’s top rivers to fish in due to its abundance in fish such as the Marbled Trout, Fario, Grayling, and Alpine Char. The waters of Valli Giudicarie have been included in the 2018 FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship.

VALLE DE CHIESE - Close to Valle Giudicarie is Valle De Chiese - the Chiese river runs through Valle di Daone, Val di Fumo and the Adamello Glacier. Here, you can find Lake Roncone where you can fish for Pike, Carp, Perch, Tench, Crucian Carp and Lake Trouts. But if you are interested in other things to do, you could even spot an ibex or brown bears in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

Corteno Golgi

Corteno Golgi is a small municipality located in the Province of Brescia within the Val Camonica valley. It is not as well known as the other places mentioned above like Lake Como or Trentino - but it is a very beautiful area that is worth discovering - and considering this is where our hotel Albergo Miramonti is located, we HAD to mention the awesomeness of the area. The fishing areas of Corteno Golgi are protected, ensuring that the fishes are maintained and looked after - so a permit will be needed to fish in the area (Click here for more information). The area is surrounded by alpine forests and the mountains overlooking the valleys and rivers, creating a picturesque landscape to go fish. In Corteno Golgi, there are different zones that you need to be aware of as determines the prices and availability of the permits. If you are looking for more fun Activities To Do in the Italian Alps, our blog has many articles for you to check out!

OGLIOLO RIVER - The Ogliolo river is a branch from the made Oglio River that is also connected to the Po River that runs across Northern Italy, in this torrent you can catch carp and graylings. In the Ogliolo river different torrents have different zone classifications, so in one area of the Ogliolo River is great for ordinary fishing while the other zone is no-kill.

VAL BRANDET - The Val Brandet torrent is labeled as a ‘Trophy Area’ where skilled fishermen try to catch fish with the aim of beating a record size. If you are willing to give trophy fishing a go, then come to the Val Brandet torrent.

CAMPOVECCHIO - The Campovecchio torrent is great for fly fishing, the river is located beside the Campovecchio refuge which boasts gorgeous, traditional alpine huts and buildings beside the views of the Alps. Depending on the area you are fishing in Campovecchio, there is an ordinary fly-fishing area and a no-kill area - so make sure to distinguish which one is which!

LAKE PICOL - Lake Picol is a stunning lake located in the mountains, but it is a very exclusive area with limited permits and where artificial bait can only be used - this is mainly because there is high environmental value and have an exceptional wild fish heritage - therefore, it is only permitted in limited permits and seasons.

We hope we have given you great ideas for places to go on your next fishing adventure! Northern Italy really has many things to offer, come check out our Alpine Hotel, we have a spa and a restaurant serving the most delicious Italian cuisine - and it is literally near all the fun alpine activities!

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