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"Lago Picol" A Beautiful Hiking Destination in the Italian Alps


The areas that surround the Italian Alps are truly gifted with nature. Our hotel, Albergo Miramonti is located beside the beautiful Alpine mountains, with picturesque views at every angle. Just floating in the distance, you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, surrounded by lush greenery that adorns the landscape. First formed millions of years ago, when the African and the Eurasian plate collided, it created the immense mountain range that exists today - birthing the highly abundant flora and fauna that call the Alps their home. One of the most beautiful natural landmarks that many locals and tourists love to visit is Lago Picol; 1km away from the town of Corteno Golgi. Lago Picol is undoubtedly a hidden gem visitors tend to overlook. If you are passionate hiker, then this you shouldn't miss seeing this lake. It is home to fish and organisms that thrive within the harsh, and highly restrictive location of the basin. Learn more about Lago Picol by reading further.

IMAGE: Lago Picol ( Sentieri di Montagna )

IMAGE: Lago Picol (Sentieri di Montagna)


You will find this lake cradled within the rocky landscape between the peaks of Mont Borga and Castel di Picol, among the Torsoleto Mountains. The photos don't do reality justice - when you're there, gazing at the crystalline waters, you will realise how large this lake actually is. To get to the lake, you will have to arrive first at Val Brandet, a picturesque valley that is home to countless wildlife. When you are hiking up to higher elevations, you may even spot some Alpine animals grazing in the higher altitudes - a marmot, ibex or even a chamois. During the Autumn, you may also have the opportunity to collect some Italian chestnuts and porcini mushrooms on the way! Measuring at over 2000 metres in altitude, and about 65 metres in depth you will find that "Lago di Piccolo", it actually isn't that small.

IMAGE: Lago Picol ( Sentieri di Montagna )

IMAGE: Lago Picol (Sentieri di Montagna)

IMAGE: Bivouac Davide ( Wikipedia )

IMAGE: Bivouac Davide (Wikipedia)


There have been various researchers that have studied the lake, searching for answers to how the lake was formed and the living creatures that live within it. It was found that there are phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthos and nekton that thrive within these waters. Despite the restrictive conditions being so high up in the mountains, the food chain between these living organisms is self-sustained - which is incredible! 


One of the notable things you may find while reaching the lake is the 'Bivouac Davide', it is a small construction dedicated to late Davide Salvadori, a passionate mountain enthusiast, who sadly passed away at a young age. His beloved friends and family decided to build the bivouac in 'Torsoleto pass' nearby Lago Picol. This also gave birth to the famous Sky Marathon' 4 Luglio' to commemorate Mr Salvadori.

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