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Your Exciting 3-Day Itinerary for Val Camonica


Val Camonica is one of the largest valleys found in the Central Alps; it is home to an endless number of activities and beautiful destinations that often go unnoticed. Within our quaint Hotel in the Alps, found in the small town of Corteno Golgi - we welcome tourists from all over Italy, and from across the globe, to experience the uniqueness of the Alps. Often, when people arrive, they get lost in the abundance of activities they can do in the surrounding area of Val Camonica. Rest assured, there are countless things to see and do - you will be surprised! So, to make it easy for you, we have created a 3-day itinerary for all the best things you can do in the valley, and if you wish, you could always adapt it to your own preference.

Day 1: Nature retreat

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Valle di san’t antonio and campovecchio

Just a 20-minute drive from the Miramonti Boutique Hotel, you will arrive at the San’t Antonio valley. The valley is rich with views of evergreen forests, animals and the most beautiful hiking trails. Take it from us, just walking through the valley will give you a feeling of tranquillity - it’s as if all your worries disappear! In the valley, you will find the San Antonio Nature Reserve, where you can spot wild Alpine animals that flourish in the cool climate of the mountains like deer, chamois, marmots and eagles.

Near the reserve, you will also encounter Campovecchio. Equally stunning, you will find traditional huts and the starting points to picturesque hiking trails. For instance, you can climb up Mount Telenek, an excellent spot for picnics and barbecues! And since the Autumn season is coming, you may even be gifted with the sight of endless forests of ochre and red hues! Simply breathtaking.


Ever heard of the porcini mushroom? It is a gourmet delicacy that flourishes in the Italian Alps. If you walk through the forest of Chestnut trees, sometimes you will encounter the wild mushroom growing from the undergrowth, just grab a basket and forage them from the ground. But before you do, make sure you get the permit first! Other great activities you can do is freshwater fishing - you will find fish like carp, trout and pike just swimming through the local torrents.


Once the day is over, you can go back into Miramonti, and relax in our Hotel Spa. Dip into the jacuzzi and experience a relaxing, bubbly experience; or you may decide to sweat it out in the sauna. It’s been a long day exploring nature, so it is the perfect time to wind down and enjoy the beautiful hotel interiors. After relaxing, you can then head over to our Italian Restaurant to eat from our delicious menu. We have traditional Northern Italian dishes like Pizzoccheri and Polenta!

DAY 2: Ancient rock carvings & Ponte di Legno



Now that you are well-rested and ready to go, it is time to visit Val Camonica’s most iconic landmark - the ancient rock carvings! These 300,000 primitive petroglyphs date back for thousands of years, with the Camuni people being the original artists. The art is so important to the history of the valley that it was named the first-ever UNESCO World Heritage site in Italy. So, with just a 30-minute drive from Corteno Golgi, you can get to Capo Di Ponte in Parco the Nazionale delle Incisioni Rupestri. You will find drawings of elks, deers and dogs adorned all over these ancient rocks - quite amazing really!


From Capo di Ponte, it is a 50-minute drive to get to the next destination; Ponte di Legno. Though it is a bit of a journey, it is a view worth seeing. Since you are near the Italian Alps, you should experience seeing the majestic mountains at least once on your trip! Here, you can take the lifts up and down the mountain to get panoramic views of the snow-covered Alps. Nature is truly unspoilt here, and you can even do more activities like rafting, trekking, golfing and more.




Why not take a day trip to Switzerland? Since Val Camonica is so close to the Swiss-Italian border, it is just a simple train ride through the Alps to get there! And it isn’t just any ordinary train ride, but it is recognised to be one of the most beautiful high-altitude trips in the world. The views are so spectacular that it was named a UNESCO world heritage site. You go through a series of viaducts and views that will leave you speechless - make sure to keep your iPhone Photography skills in check! From Miramonti, you can get the shuttle bus to Tirano, and from there you can take the Bernina Express to St Moritz. St. Moritz is a luxurious, skiing town with the beautiful mountains adorning the scenery, and its lively town bustling below. In here, you can try Swiss cuisine and various activities that can keep you occupied for several hours!




Camillo Golgi is a Nobel prize-winning scientist who performed valuable research on the human nervous system - changing the world of pathology forever. Born in raised in the town of Corteno, the locals of the town considered him as a real pride of the area - therefore, they pledged to change the name of the village to ‘Corteno Golgi’, to commemorate the man himself. You can find the Golgi museum in the town, and you can learn how his childhood led to him changing the face of neurological science. In the museum, there is a reconstruction of his laboratory, as well as old, preserved photos of his life.


Located in Corteno Golgi, you will find the Church of San Martino. The ‘chiese’ has served as a Pagan Temple, a Carolingian Castle, a Roman Church, and, finally, a refuge for partisans during the second world war. Visiting the church will give you a glimpse of the past through its Romanesque aesthetic and the preserved frescoes that cover the Ancient walls - as you gaze at the stunning surroundings of the snow-covered mountains and the natural beauty of the woodland. From there, you can see breathtaking views of Mount Adamello!

These are just a few of the things you can see in Val Camonica! We hope that this gives you the inspiration to construct your own itinerary. Excited to see it for yourself? Stay at Albergo Miramonti where you can Hike in the Alps, enjoy our Hotel Spa and even relax in our Cigar Lounge.

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