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Sky Marathon '4 Luglio': Stairway to the Sky


Corteno Golgi is full of outdoor enthusiasts who are captivated by the picturesque view of the Italian Alps and all its scenic beauty - the rivers, the lakes and the unique flora and fauna. Every year, many marathon runners travel from all over the world to the municipality of Corteno Golgi to ‘run towards the sky’, due to the unique alpine terrain that surrounds the area where the runners can run in varying high and low altitudes. It is both a challenging yet rewarding activity, which is why it is a popular event in the area. Our Alpine hotel - Albergo Miramonti - is near the event, and occurs just around the surrounding peaks of the Italian Alps.


This year, 2019, is the 42 kilometre running event’s 25th anniversary since its first launch in 1994. Sky Marathon 4 Luglio has been up and running for so long, and has continued to be a successful event for many marathon running enthusiasts. But how did the event begin? Why was it made? Davide Salvadori, a passionate mountain enthusiast who born and raised in Corteno Golgi, unfortunately passed away from a car accident. Thanks to his family, they decided to commemorate his passion for the outdoors by constructing a path in dedication to his birthday ‘4 Luglio’ in the area, then his beloved friends built the ‘Bivacco Davide’ near the Torsoleto Pass. The Sky Marathon path was supported through meetings with CAI Santicolo, US Corteno Golgi, the Alpine Association and volunteers. The first event commenced in Spring 1994 and was completed in the Campovecchio refuge - and since then - many records by professional marathon runners have been made.


During the marathon, there are a number of key locations that runners will encounter for the approximately 3 hours and a half of the challenge particularly in 2019. Starting from Corteno Golgi, the runners will have to go through uphill paths and eventually reaching more difficult peaks. These interest points are all located high up the Italian mountains, where the runners can catch a glimpse at the magnificent views over the valleys. An example is the Sellero Valley, home to Mount Torsoleto and Mount Sellero - just imagine the sight of Lake Picol sparkling under the summer sun, the grass-covered valleys swaying against the gentle breeze and the appearance of the charming construction of ‘Bivacco Davide’ - the structure dedicated to the passing of Davide Salvadori - as you run pass the mountains. These are all marvellous formations of nature that will make the marathon run even more pleasant to see. Corteno Golgi is a genuinely beautiful retreat to nature - even if you are not doing the marathon - if you want to plan out your own hiking adventure, come check out our Top Hiking Spots in the Italian Alps blog post.


This year over 300 volunteers are attending to help support the marathon runners and the operation of the Sky Marathon. The marathon start point is at Val Brandet and Campovecchio area, which will then eventually lead the participants to run through higher altitudes. The Sky Marathon is not a simple run, it will require sufficient dexterity and stamina to complete the course. The terrain can be rough and rugged with rocks, where in some areas the participants may have to climb with fixed ropes - the highest altitude a runner may experience is the Cima Sèllero, in the roof of 2744 metres above ground. Since the event is set in the Italian summer, the weather is expected to be warm and therefore, can become exhausting, but the will to push through is the true achievement in this race. Curious about what the experience may look like? Watch the Sky Marathon 2018 footage above where you can see people jumping, climbing and pushing through steep mountains and valleys.

This article goes to show the variety of outdoor activities and events that occur in the beautiful area of Corteno Golgi. Maybe after reading this article you might consider travelling over to the province of Brescia and have a go at the Sky Marathon yourself? It is an amazing accomplishment for any marathon runner, racing against the steep slopes and rugged ground may be challenging but it is a good demonstration of human resilience, tenacity and capability. If you are considering to go, why not stay at the Albergo Miramonti? We are located closely to the start of the marathon - then after you are done - come rest at our Hotel Spa to relieve your muscles.

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