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Northern VS Southern Italy: Their Beautiful Destinations


Now for the last part of our Northern VS Southern Italy series, we will be comparing the destinations between the two regions. Each region has its own unique history and heritage, creating a divide of cultures, cuisines and landscapes. So, if you ever decide to explore Italy, you need to realise that travelling to one destination doesn’t define the whole country. One of the most prominent factors that differentiate the North and South are its landscapes and tourist destinations, both with picturesque views and significant historical monuments, for our Hotel in the Alps, we are beside one of the most magnificent mountain ranges in the world! Now without further ado, below are a few of the destinations you can go in Northern and Southern Italy!



Made from natural formations for millions of years, the Italian Alps exist today as a vast mountain range with the beautiful views, a variety of flora and fauna, and the unique Alpine Culture. Several countries share the Alps, and in result, cause significant influence within each other’s countries. Don’t be surprised to find in some people wearing the German lederhosen, or speaking a Swiss-Italian dialect. Within this border, you will be able to find gorgeous mountains adorning the land, such as the Dolomiti, Adamello or even the Mont Blanc. Within this area, you will also find our hotel Miramonti just within the Corteno Valley. From here, you can even take the Bernina Express to cross to Switzerland!


The main industrial metropolis of Northern Italy, locals flock to live for the job opportunities and the urban way of life, while the tourists travel here for its high-end shops, historical monuments and delicious Italian cuisine. Milan is considered to be a global city - one of the largest in Europe! Many Italians work here for various industries like fashion, commerce, entertainment, health, media and finance. But if you are looking for places to visit, the most famous buildings are the Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the Sforzesco Castle. 


Luxurious villas, dramatic scenery and full with culture - these are the Lombardy Lakes. The lakes were formed from the glacial origin from the last ice age; over time, as the climate became warmer, these glaciers melted and formed the major lakes in Northern Italy today such as Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Iseo. Just imagine the waters glittering while the snow-capped Alps are looming over the background - no wonder tourists love coming here! Formed in a Y-Shape, it surrounds various towns that hold beautiful Renaissance architecture and delicious freshwater fish recipes.


We’re sure you have heard of Venice! With no cars in sight, this city entirely operates with boats and water taxis - because the city is essentially submerged in the Mediterranean Sea! Located in Northern Italy, this city is iconic for its Venetian culture and gondolas. The town is lined with Gothic and Renaissance architecture, with various monuments built by the Byzantine Empire. In here you will find one of its unique seafood dishes like Squid ink pasta and Scampi alla Veneziana!




A city by the coast, nestling beside an active volcano and possesses one of the most elegant architectures in Italy - this is Naples. With a strong Greek heritage, this city is full of history and the most amazing places to visit, such as the underground catacombs, the active Mount Vesuvius and countless museums. We also cannot fail to mention that the world-famous Neapolitan pizza was invented! 


Probably one of the most eye-opening historical destinations ever is Pompeii - a city that perished from a brutal volcano eruption from Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. It used to be a wealthy and luxurious town with many ancient people living out their life; however, once that day had arrived, it was reduced to ashes. Archaeologists found various bodies and animals preserved in the ash, maintaining the position they were when they were submerged in the burning cinder from the eruption. 


Majority of the famous Southern Italian destinations are by the Mediterranean coast, and one of the most iconic of these is the Amalfi coast. With colourful buildings adorn the city, the Amalfi coast is a vibrant destination full of endless ocean-related activities and cuisine. This area is abundant with lemon and olive trees, characterising the classic Italian cuisine. 


One of Italy’s autonomous regions in the South of Italy - Sicily. The area was conquered by the Romans, the Byzantine Empire and various other peoples like the Ostrogoths. It is rich in unique culture, with various arts, architecture and history that dates back for thousands of years. It is home to the volcano Mount Etna, and is full of the most delicious seafood cuisine! Visit here for the vibrant towns of Palermo, Catania and Syracuse.

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