Miramonti Corteno
Miramonti Corteno


UCI Cycling World Championships 2019 in Vermiglio, Val Camonica


The UCI Cycling World Championships is planned and will be on full swing in Val Di Sole, Vermiglio on the 23rd-25th August 2019. It is hosted by the world-renowned cycling institution - the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale). It is just beside the beautiful backdrop of the Italian Alps and the San Leonardo lakes of Vermiglio. It is located in Val Camonica, the same area of our Alpine hotel - so if you are staying in our hotel at this time, you can definitely make a trip to Trento to visit Vermiglio.


“Skilled cyclists from all over the world”

Many skilled cyclists from all over the world are gathering to compete the second round of the UCI World Championship Trial. They are hoping to perform well enough to gain recognition and to get through the third and final trial set in Tuscany, which is also in Italy. The participants of the competition have come from countries such as France, Spain and even Japan - clearly demonstrating the acclaim of this event. For the audience, it truly is a spectacle to watch, and luckily - there is are images being transmitted in a large screen if they were not able to view it closely. Some cyclists to look out for are Nina Reichenbach who dominated the three rounds last year for the Elite Women - will she able to keep her world number 1 position? Another few people to watch for are the first place winners of last years - Jack Carthy of the United Kingdom (Elite Men 26”), and Alejandro Montalvo (Elite Men 20”). There are also many other competiters who were the runner ups for the competition and were close to winning the final title - but of course, we will see who will get through this year’s competition - it won’t always be the same!

“A test of one’s cycling abilities”

The competitors have trained for years to hone their skills for this world-renowned cycling competition - this is due to the immense challenge of facing all the obstacles while ensuring that they are scoring high points for technicality. The course has a mixture of both natural and artificial elements. The environment of Vermiglio is great for obstacles, for its rugged terrain, its stones and biking through its streams. For artificial, they have been specifically created to make even more challenging and gripping - making it a true test of one’s cycling abilities. if you scroll down and watch the video below, you will realise the degree of difficulty their challenges are - can you imaging climbing a rock but with a bike? We cannot either - that’s what makes it an amazing spectacle to watch. The event is set in Bike Land, which is the biggest bike area in Italy. They have cycling routes, cycling paths (for over 1000 km!), downhill trails and more. So even if you’re not a professional cyclist, there is still a lot of activities for you biking enthusiasts.

“Set in the beautiful town of Vermiglio”

Vermiglio is a municipality in the Lower area of Val Di Sole. The area is rich in natural beauty and filled with historical significance. It links between the Austro-Hungarian territory and the Italian territory, passing armies, timber and people between the Passo Tonale. Not only it is filled with historical significance but it is also made famous for the plethora of winter and summer activities here - including the UCI World Cycling Championships but also many other activities such as skiing, hiking and fishing - and where many competitions are held. It is an excellent retreat for both summer and winter, and actually, many luxury villas are built here for that perfect getaway by the Italian Alps. Read our article for Summer Activities in the Italian Alps for ideas when you’re travelling to Val Camonica!

Image Source: Il Trentino dei Bambini / Visit Trentino


Allacciate i caschi, è tempo di trials: la Val di Sole si prepara ad accogliere i funamboli della bici, capaci di vere e proprie acrobazie e giochi di equilibrio su due ruote. Dal 24 al 26 agosto , la Val di Sole vedrà i migliori riders al mondo sfidarsi nell' incantevole scenario dell' area dei Laghetti di San Leonardo a Vermiglio, in Trentino.