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4 Tasty Italian Foods You Should Try This Autumn


The Autumn season is fast approaching; the climate is getting cooler and the trees are starting to shift into hues of ochre. Here at Hotel Miramonti, we believe it is the best season to cosy up and enjoy freshly made Italian dishes with those you love. After all, Autumn is known as “harvest season” for a reason! All over Italy, sagre or festivals celebrating local foods and wines appear up and down the country - you will find Tartufo (truffle), polenta, wine, chestnut, cheese and chocolate events occurring during the fall! So if you travel to Italy, spoil yourself with the vast array of Italian dishes that are especially unique to the season, and here are a few of them:

Source:  FoodCraftz

Source: FoodCraftz

Porcini Dishes

Porcini, also known as the “King of Mushrooms”, is an ingredient that perfectly characterises Autumn. This meaty mushroom flourishes here in the Italian Alps, countless locals and tourists head out to the forests to forage these brown-capped beauties, particularly in the Autumn season when it is most plentiful. A gourmet delight, porcini mushrooms are renowned by chefs all over the world for its umami flavour and fragrance - perfect for risottos, pasta and soups. We recommend you try Porcini Risotto, a popular dish among Italians, it is a beautifully creamy and tasty dish to warm your belly up this chilly season. Other dishes we recommend are Creamy Porcini Soup or Tagliatella Ai Funghi Porcini - all deliciously impeccable!

Pizzoccheri della Valtellina

A local dish of the region of Lombardy, dating back to the 16th Century, is a wonderfully cheesy and rich pasta that is undeniably delicious. Made from buckwheat and Casera Cheese, Pizzoccheri is a dish that originates from the Valtellina Valley of Northern Italy; it is so highly valued by the local area that they are now regulated by the Academy of Pizzoccheri in Teglio to preserve the dish and ensure that it is regulated. It is perfect for the colder months transitioning from Autumn to Winter, warming up your stomach with filling ingredients such as potatoes, cabbage, garlic and butter - yum!

Source:  NaturallyElla

Polenta Dishes

Creamy, buttery Polenta - one of the oldest dishes invented in Italy, and up to this day, continues to be a classic Italian recipe. The special thing about polenta is that it is incredibly versatile and effortless to make! From combining it with stewed meat to cheese, it is an excellent staple for the cooler months. To truly add the taste of Autumn into your polenta, combine it with fall ingredients to make dishes such as Pumpkin Sage Polenta, Wild Mushroom Polenta or Autumnal Vegetable Polenta. The varieties are endless. So, stock up on bags of cornmeal and get ready to start whipping up a polenta dish.

Source:  Agrodolce.it

Source: Agrodolce.it


Originating from Tuscany, Castagnaccio is a traditional, plain chestnut flour cake adorned with raisins and pine nuts. It is an Autumn delicacy, widely eaten by Italians, particularly in the northern regions of Italy, known to warm the hearts and fingers once eaten. Though it is known as a delicacy today, for many years, it was known to be a staple food for Tuscan peasants in the 19th Century. Thanks to its modern revival, it can be found in many local festivals and sagre. A sweet and nutty dessert, you will be delighted by its simple flavours!

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